5 Star Couchsurf in Mauritius

For those who have been following me through the last 170 countries on this blog, you probably have heard me go on at those people who just go somewhere to stay in a luxury resort and are screened from the food, culture and people of the places they visit. This time it was my turn, as my couchsurfing host was living in Paradis resort on the south side of Madagascar where he let me stay and use the facilities. And I have to admit, it was pretty nice too!

We did not just stay inside the resort though. My host had a car and took me to the famous flic en flac beach, rose hill city center and the viewpoint known as Baie du Cap. The roads were amazingly good driving through kilometers on kilometers of sugar cane fields.

Having spent the last months roughing it in East Africa, it was really good to come to Mauritius where everything is comfortable and available. It for sure is the most developed country in Africa and deserves its nickname “the Singapore of Africa”.

Baie du Cap viewpoint