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Dubai is a place where you can do anything, as long as you have the money for it. It is a city which is run by people from India, Phillipines, Pakistan and other Dubai 1foreigners but financed by the rich oil Sheikhs. In this city there is never a crane and construction worker that is free, and it is the city that has grown the fastest in the world, from being just another dessert town which was rich with oil recourses, to a city where only the best is good enough. It is the city where you can find the only seven star hotel (Burj Al Arab), the highest building in the world (Burj Khalifa), the only indoor skiing slopes and shops that are open 24/7.


I had planned on going here on a budget, just walking around and taking pictures of everything, going windowshopping and doing couchsurfing. The reality on the other hand, was that I probably spent more money in this city than I have done on my whole trip so far. First of all, it is not possible to walk around outside in Dubai when it is at its warmest, second you have to take a taxi everywhere you go, third there are so many things that are tempting to try and buy and then like I mentioned earlier accommodation is really expensive. Dubai is a city where a lot of people have to have a stopover when going on long flights, and if possible I would reccomend anyone who goes here to stay three days, and no longer. I stayed one week, and felt that this week is the time when I learned the most about culture in my whole life, as all the people I got to know were pretty much from different countries, because the women had to dress differently, sit in different metros, people could not show emotions (showing the finger, shouting, kissing, being drunk could all result in a month of prison and deportation), I could not greet the Muslim women I met directly with e.g an handshake, everyone called me “sir” and “Mr. Augestad” and one needed to have a license from the government and the company where one worked to possess and drink alcohol in private, and it was not allowed, by law, to eat or drink anywhere where one could be observed by other people who were fasting.


If I was to write a few keynotes to the things I did in Dubai it would be that swimming on the beach was like being in the dead sea, where the water was warm, shallow and the body would automatically float because of the high amount of salt in it, the fountain show was a nice but a little over rated, the indoor ski resort small (but it was amazing to be snowboarding in minus 3 degrees when it was 45 degrees outside), the 6 hour safari tour through the dessert is a must for people who are being there for the first time, on the monorail to the palm, one could only see appartments that all looked the same, the ride to the top of Burj Khalifa was fully booked for many days ahead, and the distances between most things was pretty big (there was no main street, or actually no shopping streets at all). It was a very special city indeed, and just like Las Vegas, I want to have a lot more money when I will come back there next time. Money is a synonym with fun in Dubai, the city which rhymes with buy.

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