Ghana, Trans African Overlanding

A Fresh Breeze in Cape Coast

Getting into Ghana was a delight after having spent over three months elsewhere in West Africa. The main language in West Africa is French. That is, with the exception of Nigeria and Ghana where they speak English. Ghana is also known as a West Africa for beginners as it has more stability, a better infrastructure and way more tourists. We could finally order pizzas, understand people and meet other tourists.
In Cape Coast there were a lot of young European volunteers stationed and others who were just there for the weekend to and hang out with the local beach boys. For our group it was a great place to meet up and tell each other stories from the last couple of weeks when the group had been split up. The Baobab café was great as they had the first proper coffee we had tasted in months and all their profits went to charity. For those of us interested in history we also could visit the Castle, which is one of many fortresses along the Ghanian coast where the British colonists kept thousands of slaves captured.
Cape Coast has a very relaxed and friendly vibe that is worth a visit, especially if you are passing by on a weekend.