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A Minimalist Approach to Packing

My previous packing posts have been for longer travels going through places with different climates. This time I will just travel through warm places in the Caribbean so I have decided on a different approach. I will travel with hand luggage only, where half of my stuff will be camping equipment:

– Hammock, tarp and mosquito net

-Two linen pants packed up in a pillow

– Two swimshorts

– Four shirts (two short, two long)

– A blanket, earplugs and face mask

– Toothbrush, headlamp, powerbank and charger

-My Pennyboard, shades and swim goggles

Should I need socks, boxers, shoes etc at some point I could just buy it there and then. Most stuff in life you could easily live without!

Watch this on my vlog, episode 1 here.