A sick new years celebration

Goa has been a tropical bliss, mainly spent on the beach and on the rooftop of our apartment. The temperature has usually been around 30 degrees celsius during the day, making the days perfect to spend at the beach with seawater dips regularily in-between the sun tanning.  At night the temperature drops down enough for us to sleep comfortably without having to use a air conditioning. With our own kitchen, we were also able to cook good food. The last day we even ended up making Norwegian dumplings (komle) with rice and chicken tikka masala. It was a surprisingly good combination, but we would have preferred to have cooked our dumplings in the traditional Norwegian way. The only thing that was not so good, was that we both started to get sick with dizziness, loose stomachs and headaches. Even for New Years Eve we had no energy to do anything, so we ended up lying on the sofa, watching movies with a cup of noodles each as our new years meal. Even though it was not as we had planned on celebrating the event, it was a New Years Eve that will be remembered for being different.