About the tour concept

It´s not for sure, but ever since I did a six month overlanding Africa trip in 2016, me and my Canadian friend have talked about running a similar tour down the first part from Europe to Ghana.

We had found out that Mazda cars were in big demand in Ghana and wanted to bring down a couple of second hard cars and thought that we would then take some travelers along, as we know what there is to see and how to handle things like bribery attempts, visas, bushcamping etc. We will share the costs of food, gas and camping costs which would not be much if we are a few traveling together.

We believe that 100 euros a month can be enough to cover food and accommodation costs when you bring your own tent and cooking gear. Eating what is seasonal and cheap at the local market and sleeping out in the nature and small villages on the countryside gives a much more genuine local experience than staying in five star hotels in the cities. We want to show you our way of traveling and invite you to a one of trip through half of the African continent. Get in touch if you are interested and I hope to hear from you!