Agra: The home of Taj Mahal


Agra is, together with Delhi and Jaipur, one of the three cities in the famous “golden triangle”, and was the capital of the Mughal Empire. This has had an architectural influence of many buildings and monuments in the city. The most famous building you can find in here is the magnificent Taj Mahal, which was the first thing on our list of things we wanted to see in India. Another famous building we got to see on our whole day of rickshaw sightseeing was the Baby Taj Mahal: a smaller version of the huge Taj, only built 33 years earlier, and also much less touristy.


Even though the two buildings were quite a sight, we found the city to be not so impressive. The streets were full of pushy sellers, and tourists wandering around. The tourists in this city seemed like they were on a charter trip, and not a cultural backpacking experience like most of the tourists we have met in India so far. When the evening came, it was time to say goodbye to our friends, Ingeborg and Hanne who we had been traveling with since we met them in Delhi. After this it was once again time to travel by ourselves towards our new destination: Khajuraho.