Indochina Discovery, Thailand



What we had heard about the capital of Thailand was that it was chaotic, with way too many tourists, cars and pollution, and that it was not a very nice place to stay. Our impression on the other hand, was quite different. It is true that Bangkok is a touristy place, but this can also be a nice thing, especially when being used to traveling in India, where we had to look for hours for budget guest houses and decent places to eat. The streets of Bangkok, especially around Koh San Road, are packed with tourists, but the fact that we could find backpacker hostels, smoothie stands, sushi bars, MacDonals and 7/11s on every street corner had been very convenient for us. And we have loved it. To see beef and swine meat on every menu was priceless, especially for Elise, who had been craving it for over two months.

During the five days we have been in Bangkok, we have visited the biggest shopping mall of Thailand (MBK), seen Buddhist temples and been to the floating market. But we must say that the best thing of all was meeting Norwegian friends randomly on the street and going out for sushi and drinks with them afterwards. With one drink too many, the flight to Singapore the next day was a lot more tiring than it could have been.