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Barcelona – The perfect weekend city

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The first thing that happened when we came to the train station in Barcelona, was that I went to go buy some water, and during the few minutes I was away, my friend had all her important things stolen: camera, interrail ticket, passport, money and credit cards, which of course created a lot of problems. First thing we did was to spend a few hours at the police station to get it reported, and then we went to the American Embassy to get a new passport. Her father had arranged it so that she got to fly out of Barcelona the next day with an emergency passport. During the few hours we spent at the police station, we saw maybe 30 others who had the same problem, some of them were people we had been on the same train with earlier that day. Theft seemed to be a huge thing in Barca, and I would therefore advice everyone to keep their valuables a little closer than usual when visiting the city.


Except from that, Barcelona was a wonderful city, with fountain shows Thursdays to Sundays between 8.30 and 11. This was a beautiful event that everyone ought to see, where they played music, shone light on the fountains and great variations of the fountain shower shapes. With that and the unfinished basilica “Sagrada Familia” which has been built for almost a hundred years, I would say that Barcelona is my favorite weekend city in Europe so far:)
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