Bocas del Toro

After a ten hour busride from Panama City, we arrived in Almirante and took a boat taxi over to Isla Colon which is one of the many islands that together are called Bocas del Toro. It had been stormy and rainy for days so they had postponed their weekly day party at the islands called “Filthy Friday” to the monday that we arrived, so we headed right from an overnight busride to Central Americas only island pub crawl. The concept was simple; you sign up, go to different islands with a boat and have some beers at each one of them. At the end we ended up at Aqua Lounge at Isla Carenero where there was towers to jump from, over water slackline, pyro show and other things that are bad to combine with alchohol. At that point people were getting so drunk that I felt old and sober and took a taxi boat back already at 7pm.

There is not much else to do in Bocas del Toro. There are some beach breaks to surf, you could do snorkelling trips and you could rent bikes and cycle around. I did the latter and cycled around the whole island from sunrise to sunset. The beaches were so- so but people were friendly and the athmosphere good. It was a bit like Koh Phi Phi in Thailand where young people come just to party, so for me two days was enough before I decided to head over to Costa Rica.

Got to hitchhike with a guy who had his dog in the back