Czech Republic

Brno and the Moravian Karst Caves

The view from the Brno Castle

Brno was a city I had never heard about before I went there. It was on my route from Austria to Poland and when hitchhiking it is better to break up the journeys.

Apparently the architect was not paid and made the middle column in protest

I stayed two nights and was really impressed! Even though it was quite small it had a fortress, cathedrals, lots of art and nice and cheap cafés. The price of beer in the bars (60cents) was actually cheaper than water (1€), so I ended up drinking beer all day and exploring the city in a good state of mind.

The best part was visiting the Moravian Karst Caves which was a natural protected area which consisted of dry caves, wet caves and canyons. My favorite was the Punkva cave which cost 7€ to enter which included a guided tour of the nearly one kilometer dry caves, a boat trip through the wet caves and a visit to the Macoca Abyss where the roof of the cave had collapsed some millenials ago. It was well worth the two hour transport from Brno city center.

Macoca Abyss, a collapsed part of the Punkva cave

The boat trip through the wet cave went through some really narrow parts!