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Arabian Adventures Video

Here is a video of some of my travels this summer in the Gulf States United Arab Emirates, Qatar and a little bit from Bahrain. Mystically enough all of my videos from Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and nearly all of my videos from Bahrain has disappeared from my computer, so this was pretty much all […]

Arabian Adventures, Qatar

Doha, Qatar

Our flights had been booked with a two night stopover in Doha and me and my brother had been looking forward to the activities and sights that the city had to offer. We had been planning our short stay for a long time and had decided to spend the first day at Villaggio shopping mall […]

Arabian Adventures, Kuwait

Kuwait City

Kuwait was a country that I had been looking forward to a lot. Not because there was a lot of things there that I wanted to see or do, but because I had gotten in touch with a local guy on couchsurfing who was going to host me and show me around in Kuwait City. […]

Arabian Adventures, Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

After two hours of waiting in the immigrations queue, a tall dark Eritrean guy came up to me asking “are you Jorn?”. I knew who he was and said “yes I am!”. He was the driver of the Norwegian Embassy in Riyadh who had come to pick me up at the airport. A few weeks […]

Arabian Adventures, Saudi Arabia

Getting a Saudi Transit Visa

  Many rhumors on the web has it that a Saudi Arabian visa is one of the worlds hardest visas to get a hold of.   First of all tourist visas are extremely rare and only possible to get if you purchase an organized tour by a government approved agency in Saudi Arabia. The country […]