Grand Buildings and Monuments in Vienna

Vienna is a city I have visited numerous times while living in Austria, but every time it was to visit friends and family or to go to operas, concerts, shows and theaters. This time I wanted to be a tourist to try to see the city with different eyes. It was first now that I […]


The Austrian Student City of Graz

Graz is the second biggest city in Austria and one definitely worth visiting if traveling through central Europe. It is known for being the cultural and student capital, and has a lot of history to it dating back to the 15to 18th hundred, while Styria was the Austrian front against the Turkish Ottomans. From that […]

Austria, Hungary

Back in my Second Hometown, Linz

Traveling from Ukraine, I had a nights stop in Hungrary where I met an old university student colleague of mine who lived in the capital. It had snowed the whole evening, so after a few drinks we decided to head to the top of the hill and slide down on bob sleighs. The view from […]

Austria, Eurotrip

Back to my Second Home

Sleeping outdoors and on train stations, and eating canned food and cheeseburgers for days does something to your whole body. The few days that I spent in Austria have been a rehabilitation for my whole body and spirit. The feeling of taking a long warm shower, eat good home cooked meals, cutting my hair, sleeping […]