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Surfing Raglan, New Zealand

When our Stray bus rolled up at the Kariori Lodge we had a quick introduction about our accommodation for the night before it was time for us to get ready to do what we came there to do, which was surfing. Board and surfboard hire was super reasonably priced at 20 bucks for an hour […]

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On a longboard across Norway: from Sweden to Hell

It all started with hosting a Swiss couchsurfer who was longboarding Norway from North to South and had told me about a travel show called “Long decks, Long Treks” where people were traveling long ditstances with just their longboards. I had previously longboarded quite a few kilometers between Uzbekistan to Turkmenistan, and had looked for […]

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Weekend Trip to Whistler, Canada Video

“So, do you have any plans for the¬†weekend? ” “Ehh, just going to Canada for a couple of days to go skiing”