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An Insiders Guide to Car Rental in the US

It is a real pitty that most of the historic “Route 66” does no longer exist. But there are many other good driving routes to follow, like the highway alternative   I have previously written a blog post with general car rental tips for the untrained minds, but figured that it would also be good […]

Car Rental, Travel Tips

10 things every traveller should know about the car rental industry

Renting a car can get you to a lot of places that buses and trains do not go, this time to a faraway road in Western Cape, South Africa   During my time as a travel agent I have gotten a much bigger understanding of how the car rental industry works, and I have decided […]

Car Rental, Travel Tips, United States

The Highway Alternative to Route 66 and other Driving in the US

As most people already know, the legendary Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles does not exist in full anymore, but there are many other roads that can be driven between the two cities. Last weekend I took the quickest alternative, a straight 40 hour long drive where I got to see the landscape shift […]