Clips, Diving, Palau

Snorkeling at Jellyfish Lake

Jellyfish lake is a unique place where you can go snorkeling with thousands of jellyfish. After kissing a few of them my lips got really numb, because the skin on the lips is so thin, but for the rest of the body you will not feel them sting at all.

Clips, Philippines

Eating a Filippine Food Speciality: Balut

The question that should be asked to everyone who returnes from the Philippines is did you eat balut? Balut is a Philippino dish consisting of a fertilized chicken egg that has been left for 7 days so that there is a little chicken inside. A chicken abortion in other words. And if you ask me […]

Clips, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Bungee

When I arrived at the bungeejump office in Costa Rica ready to do my first bungeejump I asked the question of what ways it was allowed to jump from the bridge. The answer “any way you want man” came as a surprise and made me think quite hard on what was possible. I knew that […]