Massive, Loud and Dirty Cairo

As the decision to go to Egypt was made the same day as I went there, I had nothing planned and no idea what there was to see in the gigantic capital. All together there were more than fifteen million people living in the city center of Cairo and will an additional five million going […]


Touring the Pyramids of Egypt

At first when arriving in Egypt, I thought that the pyramids were all centered around Giza, which would have made it easy to just catch a train from Cairo and see it all from there. The truth is that they are spread out over three areas, and getting taxis in between each is not wise […]


The Ghost Town of Dahab, Egypt

The ferry from Aqaba to Nuweiba was a mess. People were climbing over seats, pushing each others and shouting to get into the boat, to get their passports stamped inside the boat and again when departing the boat. Almost everyone were men (Egyptian migrant workers) and the few women who were there were with their […]

Egypt, Israel, Jordan

Getting Between Jordan, Israel and Egypt

*This is purely a practical post for those looking for answers to how the border crossings are between these countries as of December 2015. Situations change fast and I was not able to find updated information online before I went, but if you’re not looking for these answers then don’t bother reading on* The information […]