Eurotrip, Turkey

Istanbul; The gateway to Asia

When I first came to Istanbul, I was surprised how overwhelming the city was. With a population of 12 million people and all the tourists who where there during the high season it felt like it was a New York of Eastern Europe. I don´t want too sound too cliché, but I must admit that […]

Bulgaria, Eurotrip

Rather bus than train in Eastern Europe!

I must say that Sofia has been the biggest disappointment of my trip so far. After walking for 4 hours through the city center, I felt like there was not much more to see, so I decided to take the day bus to Istanbul. My reason for going by bus instead of train (which would […]

Eurotrip, Serbia

Beerfest in Belgrade

When coming to the train station in Belgrade, I felt as I was far out on the country in Russia, with almost nothing close by. After walking around trying to find the city center for a while, I finally found the main street and the big fortress in the city. Eight hours I walked by […]

Eurotrip, Hungary

Celebrating National Holiday in Budapest

When arriving by train in Budapest, my friend came to pick me up at the train station. As soon as we had parked the car, we went for some turbo sightseeing through the garden island and the fortress before we went out to a place caller Szimpla. This was a huge two stories high building, […]

Austria, Eurotrip

Back to my Second Home

Sleeping outdoors and on train stations, and eating canned food and cheeseburgers for days does something to your whole body. The few days that I spent in Austria have been a rehabilitation for my whole body and spirit. The feeling of taking a long warm shower, eat good home cooked meals, cutting my hair, sleeping […]