Driving job to Berlin

If someone would ask me if I would like to go on a trip for free, I would most likely say “yes”, but if someone asks me if I would like to go on a trip and get paid for it I say “hell yes”! My teacher asked me that last question, with the connotative meaning being that she would rent me a car, pay for gas and ferries and give me some pocket money for moving her stuff to her new bought apartment in Berlin.
With turbodiesel on our car and no speed limits on the roads, me and my friend got to Berlin after few hours of driving off the Colorline ferry in Denmark. Even though we had just planned being in Germany for less than a day, we had rented a luxurious junior suite at a five star hotel in Berlin. We were both happy that the room had two bathrooms with rainshowers after sitting so many hours in the car, and as soon as we had showered we went out to the clubs at Schleissiches Tor to meet some friends that I studied with in Austria. After just a few hours of sleep, we drove the thousand kilometres back to Oslo thinking about the fact that my teacher just paid for all that.

Celebrating NYE in Bremen


I´ve never discovered the geniousity of Ryanair before now. It´s noisy, small, crowded and it doesn´t allow you to bring a carry-on that is one gram heavier or one centimeter bigger than the limit, but it takes you from point A to point B safely and really really cheap. A one way ticket was 48NOK (plus the 100NOK visa payment fee) and since the hotel was less than 250NOK a night/pp and food and beer did not cost much in Bremen, the trip was easily worth it´s costs. During the week we stayed there, we went to a shisha lounge, some museums, visited some friends of mine and spent NYE out at the bars. The food selection was great: restaurants with traditional german food, and other international restaurants. Bremen Science Center can be recommended, as well as a bakery coffee shop called “Backfactory”.

Pølsestand Storstolen