Great Britain

A Day Trip to Gibraltar

Staying more than a week in Malaga was too much and we desperately needed to find something to do in order not to get crazy, so we rented a car and drove to Gibraltar which was just a couple of hours away. Crossing into the British territory of Gibraltar was quite interesting as the border […]

Eurotrip, Great Britain

London Calling

After meeting up with my American friend in the British Capital, we decided to go to get some fish and chips and cider for a little picnic up in South Clapham. Why Clapham? Because that is where it is said that you can get the best fish&chips in London. We went to a place called […]

Eurotrip, Great Britain

Scotch and Haggis in the land of the Kilt!

After packing my bag, I flew from Stavanger to Aberdeen in the North of Scotland. The flight was only about and hour, and then I went down to Glasgow by train to have a four year reunion with the people who I went on an AFS exchange year with in Austria in 2006/2007.¬†Even with years […]