Kingston and Port Royal

There didn’t seem to be much to do in Kingston so all we got to see was some parks, the Devon House, a crafts market and the Bob Marley Museum in Uptown. Leaving the museum there was a motorcyclist driving up to us, grabbing the phone of my friend and the driving off, so the […]


Treasure Beach at the End of the World

It is not often that I say that places are over rated, but Treasure Beach in Jamaica fits the category. I had read about it in a Lonely Planet guide and thought that the place seemed perfect with no husslers and a quiet beach, which it also was, but that was about it. First of […]


Birday Celebration in Negril, Jamaica

My initial plan in Jamaica was to first spend a night in Montego Bay and then move on to Negril, but when I head from others on the plane that Montego Bay was just overfilled with tourists I decided to head straight to Negril instead. There I got to camp at Roots Bamboo guesthouse which […]

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Next up: Visiting all Carribean Countries in one go!

Next trip has just been booked and in one month I will set off on a trip with the goal to visit every country in the Carribean! Im keeping my trip exactly 90 days to be covered by my credit card Insurance with Bank Norwegian, I will visit 19 new countries with 11 of them […]