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The Costs of Doing an Around the World Trip

Doing an organized around the World Trip does not have to be all that expensive. This posts shows how much I spent on my 3,5 month around the World trip broken down into flights, trips and “on tour spendings”   Now, a month after getting home, we have looked at our bank statements and done […]

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Get Everything Half Price When Traveling in Argentina!

It is no secret that the economy in Argentina is not going so well at the moment. For the tourists going to Argentina this is good news as everything gets cheaper, but locals are loosing their money from inflation and jobs from poor company turnover. Some people make protests in the street and are not […]

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Currency Exchange Before and During your Travels

Exchanging money while traveling can be quite a hassle, where it feels like everyone is trying to rip you off by offering you poor exchange rates. Of course the loss of exchanging currency should be kept at a minimum, but it is important to remember that no one will offer you exchanges at the actual […]

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Making your Money Last Longer

If you are traveling on a one week chartered trip, you might want to spend as much as possible on your holiday and can just stop reading right away. Are you, on the other hand, a backpacker who is traveling months at a time you might try to save every penny you can to make […]