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The Last Stretch from Ulan Bataar to Beijing

Our fantastic group on the Vodkatrain tour Ruski Huski Getting up at 5 AM, just two hours after we came home from the clubs was tough. The minibus that was going to take us to the train station was waiting at the agreed time and the people already awake had to run around knocking on […]

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Ulan Bataar, the Worlds Coldest Capital

Arriving in the Worlds coldest capital at 5 o’clock in the morning, we had plenty of time to check out what the city had to offer on our first day there. First off was a walk through the city center, which probably took us around half an hour, as the city (even though it has […]

Mongolia, Trans Mongolian Railway

Staying at a Mongolian Ger Camp

The highlight that many people had been looking forward to was to visit a traditional Mongolian ger camp to sleep in so called “yurts” like the nomadic Mongolians still use today. These round shaped tents, along with horses and cows running freely were a common sight on the three and a half hour drive between […]