Nigeria, Trans African Overlanding

Catching Malaria in Calabar, Nigeria

On the way to Calabar we had some days driving from early morning to late evenings, only stopping at the police and military checkpoints where they had made it impossible to drive past and for quick pee breaks. All nights were spent right by the roads, except for one night where we were camping inside […]

Nigeria, Trans African Overlanding

Celebrating Ibara Day in Abeokuta

We had all been expecting the worst when it came to corruption and hustling in Nigeria, which is why we chose to cross into the country at a tiny and peaceful border town called Ilawa. There were not even a customs office at the border so we had to drive into a Nigerian town to […]

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Mapping My Posts and Future Travels

I just discovered a genius way of displaying all posts on a Google Map using Map My Posts. The widget¬†works with WordPress and can be downloaded from this page. It is really easy to install and simple for people to use.¬†It simply groups your posts by country and add them to a clickable map like […]