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The Train Ride from Irkutsk to Ulan Bataar, Crossing From Russia and Into Mongolia

The group with our Honcho in the front. Ready for departure from Irkutsk Getting on the train in the late evening was great, just getting to bed, wake up and have around a third of the train ride over with in just one sleep. The Mongolian trains were also a bit different, where the toilets […]

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Irkutsk and Lake Baikal

We arrived Irkutsk early in the morning and our local guide was already waiting for us at the station. Like every other city in Russia, you have to complete a registration when you arrive to confirm that your itinerary fits the one on your visa invitation. Once we had that done we jumped on a […]

Russia, Trans Mongolian Railway

The Long Ride Through Siberia, From Moscow to Irkutsk

The Trans Mongolian train journey is a full seven days if you are doing it straight. We had it split up with stops along the way, where the first leg between Moscow and Irkutsk would account for almost five out of these seven travel days. With the first and longest leg of the train journey […]

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How the Trains are on the Trans Mongolian Railway

Although most people have heard of the Trans Mongolian Railway, and many also have it on their bucket list, it is not all just a bliss. The ride is long, the trains are old and if you are not going with an organized tour you will be thrown together with some random people, not for […]