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Roam Like Home with an International SIM

We can all admit it- people are addicted to social media and rely on the internet to gather information. This is true, both in daily life at home but also while traveling. Since roaming abroad can be insanely expensive, it is smart to consider purchasing an international SIM which can save you heaps of money […]

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Getting Access to Facebook and other Blocked Pages When Traveling

The Great Firewall of China is widely heard of, creating frustration among travelers who want to share their holiday memories or just get in touch with those back home. The pages and programs that are blocked include Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Gmail, Blogger and so on, and it is not only in China that these pages […]

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10 Reasons to Travel with Apps and Which Ones to Choose

WeHostels is one of my favorite travels apps, where you can see hostel prices listed on a map and get more information on tapping the pictures on the left Traveling has become a lot easier over the last few years, and it is especially all the information available online that has made it so. This […]