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North Korea Video

I have to admit it is not the proudest piece of movie I have made, but then the only place I was allowed to film were when we were at our stops. The rest had to be shot with a government approved cameraman.


The last part of the movie was shot in the Sinju Kindergarten, known for training child performers to the annual Arirang festival in Pyongyang.


If you are more interested in reading about the trip to North Korea, you can do so on this link.

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Maldives video

I have put together a short video of last week’s trip to the Maldives:


This weekend I will travel to South and North Korea and the Silk road from Beijing to Istanbul by rail, so stay tuned!

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Weekend Trip to Whistler, Canada Video

“So, do you have any plans for the¬†weekend? ”

“Ehh, just going to Canada for a couple of days to go skiing”

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Video from Hong Kong

The video of our first days of the year is finally up and might give you a little impression of how January is in Hong Kong. You can also read about the trip on this link.