The Silk Road, Turkey

From Ancient Galatia to Modern Ankara

  When arriving at the Turkish capitol, Ankara, we felt like we had gotten a lot closer to our home country then we had been before on our Silk Road journey. Ankara felt much more European that I had expected, but just like Istanbul it had its districts that had more in common with its […]


Flying Business Class With Turkish Airlines

I once said I will never fly business class, but what I should have said is I will never buy a business class ticket being four times more expensive than regular economy ticket. I had won two round trip business class tickets to Istanbul and did not refuse going. Already at Oslo Airport the business […]


Clelebrating New Years in Istanbul

Our plan was solid: travel business class in the evening, being all suites up so that we could just drop off our luggage and head straight out for dinner and new years celebration. Although all went well, it was not quite what we had imagined, mainly because rain was pouring down from the sky the […]

Eurotrip, Turkey

Istanbul; The gateway to Asia

When I first came to Istanbul, I was surprised how overwhelming the city was. With a population of 12 million people and all the tourists who where there during the high season it felt like it was a New York of Eastern Europe. I don´t want too sound too cliché, but I must admit that […]