Uganda, Volunteering

Staying at an Orphanage in Jinja

One thing every traveler should start doing when going to Africa is to bring the things they don’t need as there for sure will be people there who will. This time I brought a big bag of clothes that I had collected from friends and family and would give to Don, a 30 year old […]

Grenada, Volunteering

Carriacou- Grenadas Quiet Side

Grenada is known for being one of the most developed places in the Caribbean, but the countries two smalles islands “Petit Martinique” and “Carriacou” are the oposite. I spent three nights at a couchsurfing host in Carriacou and imagine it being what most Caribbean islands was like about 50 years ago- super laid back and […]

Dominica, Volunteering

Volunteering in Devastated Dominica

Before coming here to Dominica, I was told that the country was completely in ruins, and I am sorry to say it, but it really is. The first day here was spent seeing the few things that still remained and the rest of the days I had signed up to join the Red Cross WASH […]