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Changgu is the Stereotype of Bali

With six nights booked on a surf camp in Canggu and equally many days of renting a scooter I thought I would have enough time to explore all the places close by like Seminyak, Kuta, Legian etc. The truth is that I didnt get to do much while I was there as I got into this lifestyle of surfing during the days and hanging out in the beach club restaurants in the evenings.

Places like Finns, La Favela, the Lawn, Potato Head etc all had a super relaced athmosphere but I am almost a bit ashamed of having spent so much time there as meals and drinks cost several times more than at local places and they were all filled with Australian and European beach holiday tourists. After three weeks of backpacking, I had gotten too comfortable and was caught in a stereotypical Bali beach holiday.

I cannot complain, as life there was super good, but what I mean is that it did not give me much in terms of unique experiences, much like a package holiday to Spain would have done, with beach, yoga, surfing and party repeated every day.

What I did do though was to head over to Deus Ex, where they have an event called taco tattuesday on every Tuesday night. Then the 16 of the people who bought a taco costing about 6EUR would get a free tattoo which was an interesting concept.

Although surf was good and the place was super relaxing, Canggu was a place that I felt just gave me a break from the real backpacking. Now I just look forward to the adventures that await in Timor Leste and Australias Northern Territory.