Clubbing Bangkok, the Wrong Way

We were standing on top of the worlds highest skybar overlooking the sinful city of Bangkok. The wolfpack of three brothers thinking about which crazy adventures the evening could bring. In our hands we had each our Mojito that had cost 800 thai baht, which is about ten times as much as you would pay elsewhere in Thailand. Even though the night started out on top of Lebua State Tower, the same filming location as in “the Hangover 2”, the evening did not end up being as legendary as in the movie. And I think our taxi drivers for the evening should take most of the blame for that.

When getting down on the ground we jumped into a taxi and asked the driver to take us to “Babylon”, Bangkoks biggest gay club and quite the cultural experience according to rhumors. The driver then just looked at us for a long time bringing the athmostphere down to a quite serious level before asking us “are you gay?”. The taxi driver quickly managed to kill our drive for experiencing the gay life of Bangkok, and soon we were heading for a club called “Shock 39”.

Entrance to the club costed us 300thb and after just 3 minutes in that hole of a club we were back in the next taxi, this time asking to go to “Bed Supperclub” a place we knew had the rhumor of being the best club in Bangkok. This time, the same thing happened. The driver took us to a club called “Mixx” and said it was the best club of Bangkok. We had then had enough of driving to places we did not want to go and asked the driver to take us to the Sukumvit area, which, very much like the Khaosan Road offers relatively good bars and clubs.

The real lesson learned from the night we got in the taxi on the way home. The taxi driver then explained to us that “Mixx” and “Shock 39” give 100 thb to the taxi drivers for each customer they bring in paying 300thb entrance fee. That was probably more than the taxi driver would have made a whole night of driving and they were therefore willing to ruin our evening by making the extra money. Before getting into a taxi at nighttime in Bangkok I would advise you to look for a sticker in the back saying “Shock 39” or the taxi drivers telling you to go there, or you might also end up spending a whole night in the backseat of a taxi instead of enjoing Bangkok as the great party city that it is.

Photo: “The Dome” @ Sirocco Skybar, Lebua State Tower