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Create Your Own GoPro gear

In my opinion, the GoPro is the best camera travel buddy you can have, both because it takes up very little space in your backpack but also because of its ability to tackle water and some serious beating. The downside with the camera is its high price and its accessories are just ridiculously overpriced. That calls for innovative solutions, and I must say I am very happy with saving over a hundred us dollars on making a GoPro wrist mount instead of buying it from their webstore. just by following the three easy steps illustrated below:

1. Get all the stuff you need: An ankle strap from your surfboard, 4 small strips and a helmet mount (that comes with your GoPro camera).

2. Drill a hole in the helmet mount and the ankle strap and stitch your plastic straps through the holes

3. Voilà! You will now have saved a lot of money that can come in better use while traveling. If you are so lucky to already own a head strap mount you can also use an even simpler solution by following the steps in this YouTube video.