Crossing the desert from Djibouti to Somaliland

Meeting a camel in Lawya Caddo, Somalia

The ride from Djibouti City to Hargeisa in Somalia was one of the worst of my life. As we were the last to book, me and Eli were put in the so called “dog seat” in the bumpy back of a seven seater LandRover where they had manages to squeeze in ten people. Every time I was closing my eyes I was shot in the air with my head hitting the roof and I after an hour I had given up on my feet which were deep in sleep/paralysis from sitting as squeezed as we did.

Our transport to the border

About ten hours of driving after the stop at the Lawya Caddo border town I was woken up being asked if I had a map. The driver had been driving in circles for nearly three hours and everyone in the car were shouting about which direction was the right, as there were no roads in the desert. The rest of the night I had to stay up and tell the driver whenever he was getting off his course towards east and it was not before 9am, after 18 hours of bumpy sand dune driving that we reached Somaliand and could feel solid tarmac ground under our feet. Thank god that I am never ever going back that same road again.