Dakar Rally


Departure date: 17. june 2019

Starting point: Paris

Ending point: Dakar



Day 1-3: Oslo-Paris

Day 4: Montpellier, France

Day 5-6: Algeciras to Chefchaouen: The “blue” city

Day 6-7: Fez: Medina and leather tainting

Day 7-8:  Marrakesh: visit markets, stocking up on food and equipement

Day 8-10: Essaouira: surfing

Day 10-11: Laayoune: The Western Saharn Capital

Day 11-12: Dhakla: Stop at the Tropic of Cancer

Day 12-13: Nouadhibou:

Day 13-14: Nouakchott: The Capital of Mauritania

Day 14-15: Terjit: Visit an oasis in the Sahara Desert

Day 15-16: Zouherat: on board the Worlds Longest Train

Day 16-17: Nouakchott: The Capital of Mauritania

Day 17-18: St. Lois: Jazzbar and colonial history

Day 18-21: Dakar: surfing, and a clubbing to celebrate the end of the tour


* The itinerary might change due to unforeseen circumstances


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