Denied Entry to Tunisia

Annaba Lighthouse

After a night in Annaba, exploring the Saint Augustine Cathedral, the Lighthouse and the “Corniche” promenade it was time to move on to Tunisia which was just a two hour taxi drive away.

When I arrived at the border I was expexting a quick stamp before moving on into Tunisia, but no. After seeing my Libyan visa the immigration boss decided that there was doubt about my visit to Tunisia and that they would therefore not let me pass.

After trying to reason with the immigration officer, I was escorted back to Algeria where the Algerian border guards told me that this should not have happened and advised me to stay overnight to try again in the morning. I was given pizza and water and at 9am, after watching the border guards being changed I tried again with my second passport and got in with no questions asked.

Saint Augustine Church in Annaba

It did not take long walking along the road before someone picked me up and drove me to the border town of Tabarka where I could catch an onwards bus to Tunis. After spending a couple of hours by the beach and walking up to the fortress for some fantastic views I had quickly forgotten the night sleeping on a bench between the two borders.

Tabarka beach and fortress