Dhaka- the Bangla Capital

I had heard some horror stories from other travelers who had been to Dhaka, about how dirty and chaotic the city is. I was expecting the worst, but was very positively surprised, considering its one of the few cities where noone really know how many people are living there. Cities like Mumbai and Delhi were much worse, possinly also because they had cows roaming around and dropping poop everywhere. Sure there was a lot of traffic congestions, but also a lot of construction- Dhaka is a city that will have a big transformation the next ten years. Some say that they aim to become the venice of Asia, building waterchannels through the city.

I got to see the main sights in just a couple of days, like the Lalbag Fort, the National (huge!) museum, the Ahzan Manzil, the Shadar Ghat, the independence monument and parks around

Dhaka is by no means a touristic city, in fact I didnt see a single other tourist when I was there. The experience was really meeting the people who were all curious and welcoming me to the country. The experience of riding on top of a train with the locals, relaxing in the university part and walking the narrow streets in the old town where the only sound you could hear was the ringing bells of the rickshaw cycle taxis.

Also I was lucky enough to be there for Pahela Falgun (meaning the first day of spring), which was celebrated with live music, lots of flowers and yellow Sari and Punjabi dresses.

I also got to visit the Taj Mahal and Pyramids of Bangladesh, built by a rich Dhallywood producer who also wanted the poor people to be able to see these wonders of the World without having to leave their country.