Arabian Adventures, Qatar

Doha, Qatar

Our flights had been booked with a two night stopover in Doha and me and my brother had been looking forward to the activities and sights that the city had to offer. We had been planning our short stay for a long time and had decided to spend the first day at Villaggio shopping mall and see the city in the evening. The second day we had planned on playing golf, then go dunebashing with quad bikes and then to end the day with a visit to Doha Aqua Park. The plan would have been perfect for us, but because of a sandstorm coming in on the second day and because it was a friday (which is a muslim holiday and family day where also women were allowed into Aqualand) none of these activities were possible for us to do. Instead we repeated the program from the day before, which also worked out for us.


Villaggio Mall was quite impressing with its indoor amusement park and its channels for gondola rides. It also had a great amount of shops with good prices on western clothing brands. Souq Waqif, which was the local marked was also a good place for shopping. It was a good place to get souvenirs and a good meal in a comfortable environment.

The Corniche is a waterfront promenade and was also a great place to spend the evenings. Lots of local people were sitting in the parks or along the water for a picnic, having a good view of the lit up city center across the water, the many fishing boats drifting by and the museum of islamic art which looked like a floating building that was lit up in the evenings.

Doha is a place which is well worth a stopover, but I think two full days was enough for us to see what the city had to offer.