Weekend Trip to Dublin, Ireland

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This Friday we were up before 4am in the morning in order to catch the first airport bus to the first morning flight departing from Trondheim to Oslo, where we would again catch another flight that would take us to Dublin. It was just for the weekend so we had chosen the earlier possible flight out to maximize our time away.

When arriving at the airport in Dublin and jumping on the first bus to the city center we felt like we were taking a shuttlebuses to a Disney World as there were absolutely only tourists on the bus, and the worst kind of tourists as well. Lots of Scandinavian men who had been drinking since breakfast, Spaniards talking loud and Americans who can be annoying just because. Luckily when we jumped out of the bus by our centrally located hotel, Maple, the people in the bus kept going and we started feeling like there were no other tourists in the city. Thank god that our first impression was wrong!

The main purpose of our trip was to get some Christmas shopping done and even with the horrible exchange rate between the Krone and the Euro at the moment, we managed to strike some pretty good deals. Mainly due to Pennies, the Irish equivalent of Primark were they lots of clothes and other stuff at ridiculously low prices.

We also got to do some of the stuff that is one most tourists list such as doing a pub crawl at Temple Street and visiting the Guinness store House, where We were allowed do draft our own included breakfast beer.

Today I have also taken the 4am airport bus, this time to catch the first KLM flight to Amsterdam, where I will connect for my onwards travel to Havana, Cuba for a week of sailing!

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