Dubrovnik, Croatia

Right after landing in Dubrovbik Airport, I headed straight to the bus terminal to see if I could catch a bus going for a day trip to Bosnia. I quickly found out that if I went to Trebibje right across the border, there would be no way for me to get back to Dubrovnik and if I went to Mostar I would obly have about two hours to explore before I had to get back. I decided to skip it and stay the two days in Dubrovnik instead.

The city is quite small and easy to navigate through, but the old city is beautiful and where you want to be. The only problem is that you are not alone. I think it must be Game of Thrones that has really made this place busy and it has also inflated the prices quite a lot. For many locals it has gotten too expensive to live in Dubrovnik and the city today is pretty much just made up of tourists. That didn’t stop me from enjoying seafood, swimming and “rakija”.

After meeting with my Gadventures group, we headed for a meal followed by drinks made in a bucket and a club in a ave under a castle which had 20euro entry and almost scandinavian drinking prices so I took an early night to walk the city walls in the morning before departing to Montenegro.