Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea National Park

Ive possibly found the weirdest place in the World; the National Part of Equatorial Guinea, located in the new capital, Malabo 2.

The park is absolutely gigantic, but still super well kept and clean, just like the rest of the capital. Possibly beacsue of the around fifty people working there with watering, gardening, in restaurants and fun paek carousell rides. Even with all of this maintenance and the low cost of only one dollar there were not even one other visitor in the whole park.

It has paddle boats, bicycles and even trains for people to get around. And golf carts are regularly zipping buy with a chinese in the front and 5-6 locals in the back. After all, it is the Chinese who has built the park and most of the new roads and buildings in the country.

The park had a big outdoor studio, a nice view tower, statues, sports fields (of all kinds), artificial ponds, walkways and speakers playing nature sounds. But still no visitors.

I have just been in Equatorial Guinea for two days so far, but am absolutely fascinated about the facade of the capital and cant wait to see what the rest of the country is like!

Because you are so wonderfully weird