Facing my Greek Prejudice in Corfu

Since Greece is the number one package holiday country for Norwegians and many other nationalities, I had imagined people fighting over sunchairs, walking drunkenly around at daytime and people demanding that everyone should speak their language. Luckily it wasn’t at all so. Sure the tourist beach we went to called Palaiokastritsa was a bit crowded, but it was all for a reason! The waters here has the same blue color as the waters in the Maldives, the food here is amazing (greek salads with feta, halloumi and graviera sakanakis- yum!) and even though prices are several times higher than Albania it is still pretty reasonable.

I spent a whole day by myself walkinig on the west coast of Corfu and found my favorite little gem called Dolphin Beach. Here there were very little people, no sun chairs and just quiet turquise water as far as the eye could see. When I swam I bit further out I got to a nice little cave and a rock wall that I climbed over and over again before junping back into the water at 8-9 meters height. The three days spent in Corfu has treated me nice and I will no longer say that I will never go on a chartertrip to Greece.