From Bavaria to Berlin

Crossing into Germany to Switzerland by train, we felt like we had to make a stop at the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. A visit to the fortress has to be booked minimum 48hours in advance so we decided to do the quick, cheap and easy version where we booked a bus ticket from Füssen to the village of Hohenschwangau where we could walk 20minutes up to Marienbrüvke for a perfect view of the castle. The only problem was, just like Venice, the place was packed with Asian tourists- to the degree that you almost constantly walked in a line with the masses. After walking back to the train station in Füssen, which took another half hour, we had just spent one hour and paid only 2,25€ for our visit, unlike people who had spent lots of time and money waiting in a queue for their guided tours of the castle.

The queue for the compulsory photo from Marienbrücke

The evening and night was spent in München at the annual Gay Pride (Christopher Street Day) and Tollwood, free, open air festival before jumping on a train to Berlin early the next morning.

Gay parade on Marienplatz

Berlin was perfect for just spending a few hours before my evening flight. The train station is close to Brandenburg Gate, the Jewish Genocide Memorial and the Rechstag Building. Food stands are plentiful and I got to do some gift shopping before flying back home to Trondheim.