In the capital of India, New Delhi

The time had come when we would finally meet up with some of Elises friends Ingeborg and Hanne, who are traveling around the world. We had already spent a day in New Delhi, trying to get to know the city and found out that almost everything could be reached with the cheap and efficient metro system. We can say that Delhi is also the most “westernized” city that we have visited in India so far. 
The area around the parliament buildings were spacious and spotless with few people around (unlike the rest of India) and the city had a commercial center where only brand shops and chain restaurants were found (e.g Levis and Adidas store, McDonalds and KFC). It was noticeable that New Delhi is a place where big companies have their headquarters, which gave us the feeling that a lot of people were better off than in many other cities we had visited. The prices were also higher than we had been used to, but we did not mind as Delhi had given us a feeling of being closer to home for a few days.
Delhi had also plenty of historical and cultural places to visit. We got to see a lot of them by renting a taxi for a day, just rushing through the Lotus Temple, the parliament district and the Indian Gate to mention a few. For our budget, a couple of days was enough, but because of its differences from the rest of India, it would have been nice to stay longer.

Meeting up with our Norwegian friends, Ingeborg and Hanne