Jinka on a Market Day

Traveling around Omo Valley is not cheap. In order to go to the villages you need to rent a car with a driver which costs upwards of 50$. As we had already visited a couple of villages we did not feel the need to go to a Mursi village like we first had planned, but decided that it would bend enough visiting the tribal market in Jinka in hope of seeing some Mursi people there, which we did.

Hammer and Banna people, who can be recognized by the women’s mud covered hair and the men’s punk like hair. Also lots of the women went topless and the men carrying their traditional chairs

The Mursi people would often have gauges in their ears and stretched lower lips to fit disks. The rumors had it that that they would steal and some times be violent to tourists after drinking too much, but the ones we met at the market in Jinka seemed all very peaceful.

People from the hamer tribe happily showed up for a photo