Ghana, Trans African Overlanding

Kokrobite Beach in Greater Accra

Having to wait for Benin and Angola visas to be finished at the embassies in Accra, we had plenty of days to kill. Accra is not the most exciting city, so most of the group stayed 50 minutes away at Big Millie’s Backyard in Korobite while others headed back to Cape Coast. Taking so called tro-tros (buah taxis) from there to Accra was cheap and easy so some of the days we headed to the malls there which was like Paradise after three months with nearly no air-conditioning and western shops.
On Kokrobite Beach it was also possible to rent surf boards and even though the waves were not exactly World Class it was fun to play around on a board again.
Just like Cape Coast, Kokrobite was swarming with beach boys just jumping over western girls and women when they arrived, just like most beach destinations. Having a few days by the beach in Ghana has been nice to relax after some rougher months through savannahs and desserts, but now I am ready to head into the unknown francophone West- Africa again.