Ghana, Trans African Overlanding

Kribi With Africa’s Only Ocean Waterfall


Kribi is on the South West coast of Cameron and is a popular stop for people travelog through the country. Not only does it have Cameroons best beaches, but it also boasts of having Africa’s Only waterfall that runs straight into the ocean. We stayed at Tara plage, right on the beach and could walk all the way to the waterfall in less than an hour, while if we would have stayed in town we would have to go by taxi or a boat tour. Tours would also include a visit to a pigmy (tiny people) village and to see some monkeys, but we saw some pygmy people on the way and had just been to a monkey sanctuary in Limbé, so we were fine with our walk. I also talked to a local who showed me how to climb and swim to the top of the almost ten meter high waterfall and jump down, which was one of the most exciting things I have done in my life! When I wanted to show some of the others from our group how to get to the top the next day, there had been way to much rainfall and was dangerous to swim there. Shani who joined me in the attempt also managed to catch a hookworm that has lived in her foot the days ever since and will most likely be removed once we get to a place with a proper hospital.