Angola, Trans African Overlanding

Last stop, Lubango!

Lubango sign

Angola is in an economical crisis at the moment. The inflation rate is high and expats are no longer allowed to bring the local currency out of the country. Therefore there is a huge black market for currency where people would pay four times the official rate for dollars and euros. We used that to our advantage and got lots of local currency for the euros we had brought. Just like when we exchanged at the black market in Nigeria we were stuck with lots of cash that we could not use or exchange outside the country. So we stopped in Lubango to spend the rest.

Our food kitty was easily spent on spaghetti, tomato paste and other food that we use a lot. Most people also stocked up on and filled the truck with snacks and alcohol which was sure to be finished by the time we reach Cape Town.

Lubango was also a place known for having the World’s third biggest Jesus statue, only surpassed by Lisbon and Rio. It also had a huge Hollywood like sign next to it. After we had played around with the two and taken plenty of pictures, we set off towards Namibia.



Angola Landscape

The landscape through Angola must have been the most beautiful on our trip, with curvy roads winding up the mountains.