Latakia and the Saladin Castle

My final stop in Syria was the harbour town of Latakia, which had also been untouched by the war. I had chosen the dates specifically as people had told me there would be the biggest football match of the year then between Latakia Tishreen and Damascus Al-Wahda. The athmosphere was crazy and I havent seen as much fireworks since last new years!

One of the days I got on a minibus to Al Haffa to explore Saladin Castle which cost less than a dollar. With no public transport from there I had to walk the last 5 kilometers and when I got there the castle was closed. I called a number listed on the gate and within 10 minutes there was a guy opening up and letting me explore the castle on my own. He also arranged a taxi to pick me up and take me back which I was really happy about after walking the whole day.

The gate for entering the Saladin Castle

As Latakia was my last stop in Syria, I could use all of my remaining pounds on juices and lots of good food. I had been a bit nervous the weeks before as I had only brought 300usd to the country where it is not possible to get more cash or pay by card because of the UN sanctions. Latakia was the perfect place to relax and enjoy my last days in Syria.

Pictures of president Assad are everywhere in Syria.

My last minutes in Syria before crossing over to Tripoli in Lebanon