Motorbike Camping Trip to Uvinza

Couchsurfing really made my trip to Kigoma memorable. My host there, Anthony from Belgium, was working with distributing beans and fertilizer in a city called Uvinza and had asked me if I could drive his motorbike and girlfriend over so that we could find a place to go camping around there on the weekend. Loving both bike riding and camping I happily said yes and the morning after we were on our way. Getting there late in the afternoon, we hiked to a mountain top in hope of seeing the sun set over the city, but when we realized that it was too gray for the sun to shine through we headed down to the river and found a big mango tree where we met Anthony and made camp for the night. After a bottle of whiskey and some discussing about life in Africa we all fell deep asleep.

5 am the next morning I wake up with the sun being halfway over the horizon, I look up through my mosquito net and see Anthony and his girlfriend sitting in the mango tree. Realizing that I was awake they said that they had heard some hippos from the river and was eager to look at them from the top. As I join them up at the top I also see the hippos but still far away so we decide to drive a bit further up along the river where we had been told there were lots of hippos.

The roads on the way were muddy and sometimes almost non existent but we made it to the river where we found some women washing their clothes. Timothy talk to the women in Swahili and asks if they would show us the hippos for some shillings. One of the women straightens her back and tell us to follow her over some logs connecting us to the other side of the river where we suddenly see the hippos resting in the water in front of us. She picks up a rock and explains that if you throw it at their head they will immediately get out of the water and start running after you. We hurriedly tell her not to and soon after we are on our way back on our motorcycles to Kigoma.