London Calling

After meeting up with my American friend in the British Capital, we decided to go to get some fish and chips and cider for a little picnic up in South Clapham. Why Clapham? Because that is where it is said that you can get the best fish&chips in London. We went to a place called Fishclub, which has gotten several prices for their traditional fast food, and it sure did live up to its reputation.  After a few hours in the park, where it was way too cold, we went to go clubbing in the city, but were surprised that we did2 not get to stay longer than until 12, when the pubs closed. The following day we went for pub breakfast, which was quite a cultural experience: the pub was packed with people already at 11am. Mostly men, some with children around, making themselves ready for the football game that was going on later that day. After the late breakfast we went to see Big Ben and The London Eye before the time ran out and we had to catch the our train to Brussels.

Scotch and Haggis in the land of the Kilt!

After packing my bag, I flew from Stavanger to Aberdeen in the North of Scotland. The flight was only about and hour, and then I went down to Glasgow by train to have a four year reunion with the people who I went on an AFS exchange year with in Austria in 2006/2007. Even with years passing without seeing each other, it was as we got on just where we left each other four years ago. We went out seeing the nightlife in Glasgow, ate Haggis and visited the castle where J.K Rowling got her inspiration for Harry Potter and where several of the movie scenes were shot. Saturday was spent in Edinburgh, where a comedy festival was going on, so the streets were packed with people, including Elaine Davidson, the woman who has the Guinness World Record for being the most pierced woman in the world. 

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Crossing Europe From West to East

Trip summary: On this trip I travelled by myself from Aberdeen in Scotland to Istanbul in Turkey on a one month interrail pass.

Countries visited: United Kingdom, France, Spain, Austria, Hungrary, Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey

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Weekend in Slovenia

Helgetur til Slovenia
During my stay in Austria I went for a weekend trip to Maribo in Slovenia together with my Canadian friend who lived in Austria. The purpose of the trip was unclear, but we got the train tickets cheap through a ÖBB railway promotion, so we figured why not.. 
Maribo is not a busy place, so during most of our stay we just walked around taking pictures of buildings and looking for a place to eat a traditional Slovenian meal. We had to visit maybe 5-6 guest house restaurants before we were told that there is no such thing as typical Slovenian food. All the traditional restaurants we visited had pretty much only South German/Austrian food on the menu, so we both ordered some delicious home cooked schnitzels. 
Everything was cheaper than in Austria, so the Canadian bought heaps of clothes and shoes, but all I decided to bring back was a case of beer. When crossing the border back there were customs inspection and passport controls (unlike most EU countries), and when I asked about the legal quota of beer that could be brought over the border he said there were no limit, but that only one pack of cigarettes could be brought over duty free. I never fully understood the logics of the european borders.. On the 5 hour journey back to Austria we were exhausted from the weekend and slept the whole way.  

Portugal and the Algarve Coast

DSC02318 DSC02352

As a 25 years wedding anniversary celebration my parents had booked flight tickets to Faro for the whole family and rented a villa for a week in Luz, close to the city of Lagos. 

Most of the days were spent sunbathing and swimming at the beaches along the Algarve Coast. Out of the three beaches we visited (Luz, Lagos and Albufeira) I thought Luz was the one I liked the most. Even though it was small, a bit rough and lacked sun chairs I found it good to be left alone from sellers, waterscooters and hundreds of other tourists. 

In the evenings we went out eating and drinking in Lagos. The atmosphere in the restaurants was good during the evenings, but in the night it became flooded with noisy British and Scandinavian tourists and loud music.

I must say that family trips have changed quite a bit since the last time I was on one(about 10 years ago!). The main difference was to have freedom of doing whatever I wanted: I could sleep through the mornings, I could take a taxi to go out in the neighbor town Lagos, or just lay by the beach or the pool sipping beer. 

Even though beach holidays are not my favorite, I had a really good time. All in all, it was probably the best and the last family trip of this kind.



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